Dear Friends,

THANK YOU! Together we made TROBO’s Kickstarter a success. When you think of congratulating us, congratulate yourself too. Every forwarded email, tweet, hallway conversation, Facebook like & share, dollar, prayer, good luck wish, ask of your friends, etc… led us to last night, where we funded with a half hour to spare. We, Jeremy and Chris, are just two people, but literally HUNDREDS of people came together to make this happen. We sincerely hope you know that YOU are a part of this success, YOU breathed life into TROBO, and you can tell your friends with pride that YOU are a part of something historic. You are a part of the TROBO Team. And this is just the beginning…

It’s been an amazing ten months since we first launched in November. It’s been a life-changing few months since we launched our Kickstarter campaigning in May, and it’s been an exhilarating, nail-biting, and humbling month since we launched the official campaign. But we made it, all of us. We, Jeremy and Chris, are now going to refocus on execution. We’ll put our efforts towards the software, content development, product, and packaging development. To our backers, we’ll send you regular updates, so you can see our progress and know how we are using your investments to make TROBO a reality. We believe that sharing the “making of” experience with you will be fun and rewarding, and we hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us.

Now we are taking a few days to get our lives back in order, collect our thoughts and absorb all your wonderful feedback. We’ll then come back together with an invigorated focus on execution. You put your faith in us, and we will earn that. We’ll make you proud to be part of Team TROBO.

Let’s start this journey into the future of education… together, :]
Jeremy & Chris

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